Root Canal 

Treating your roots

If you experience toothache, sudden onset of pain or facial swelling this may indicate that the pulp (the soft tissue inside your teeth containing blood vessels and nerves) has become infected or inflamed. Our general dentist will examine your teeth and advise you on the most appropriate treatment. He may recommend a root canal treatment or extraction of the tooth.


A root canal treatment will allow us to treat the tooth for you and prolong the life of the tooth. Root canal treatment removes the infection or inflammation. This is replaced with a filling like material to prevent recontamination of the root canal. Treatment can be done in one visit but it may be necessary to see you for two or three visits to achieve the best result.


In many cases the tooth will then require a crown to complete the treatment. The tooth can become more brittle and prone to fracture after root canal treatment and the crown will help to strengthen the tooth and make it more long lasting. Without the crown the tooth could fracture or break and may need extraction.


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