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Your path to a healthier smile

Elegant Smiles, Purley is home to our team of expert orthodontists who are here to help you achieve the smile you deserve. At Elegant Smiles, we have been serving the local community for over 45 years, and in that time we have had countless patients leave our Purley studio feeling confident, healthy and smiling happily.

We realise that every smile is unique, and we believe every treatment should be too. That is why we take the time to understand your needs and create a truly bespoke treatment package, made just for you and your smile.


As dental care professionals, we may be in the business of beautiful smiles – but we also care about your dental health as well. Join us for a hygiene appointment today and get the most out of your smile. Our professional hygienists will advise you on the best methods and practices to maintain your teeth, show you how to brush correctly and examine your teeth and gums to ensure your mouth is healthy.

What are the benefits of having a hygiene appointment?


  • To stop decay and gum disease
  • To maintain good physical and oral health
  • To prevent tooth loss
  • To achieve a bright and white smile
  • To prevent bad breath

What an Elegant Smiles hygienist appointment looks like


Nowadays it is more common for adults to lose teeth, or suffer from tooth damage, due to gum disease rather than tooth decay, As a result, regular hygienist appointments are an essential part of keeping your mouth and smile happy and healthy.


At Elegant Smiles, if you join us for a hygiene appointment we will assess your teeth and gums to determine the amount of plaque that needs to be removed, as well as to address any risk factors that may arise. After this initial examination, your teeth will be professionally cleaned with our specialist equipment – this process is known as scaling and polishing. This method can help clean areas of your teeth that traditional brushing cannot reach, removing any plaque that may have built up.


Finally, you will be shown how to look after your teeth so that you can keep that gleaming smile and remain free from plaque in the future. You will also be advised on the best teeth-brushing technique and given tips on flossing and using interdental brushes.

Your hygienist will also provide you with additional advice detailing how your diet can prevent tooth decay. During your appointment, if our hygienist notices signs of anything troublesome, such as gum disease, they will refer you to a dentist or periodontist to see if it is anything that needs further treatment.


To find out more, connect with us on Facebook or Instagram. If you have any other questions, please email our team, book a virtual consultation or contact us on 020 8660 4365.

Hygienist FAQs

Does a hygienist appointment hurt?

Our Elegant Smiles hygienist appointments are generally pain-free – and your specialist will do everything they can to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. However, it is possible to experience discomfort during the procedure, and if this happens a hygienist can offer you a local anaesthetic to counteract this.


How long does a hygiene appointment take?

A hygienist appointment at our Purley dental studio typically takes an hour – however we will not be scaling and polishing your teeth for this entirety of this appointment. The first half of the session is usually reserved for talking through the procedure and examining your teeth and gums!


Can I eat and drink before and after a hygienist appointment?

Most would advise that you try to avoid eating and drinking up to 5 hours before your treatment – it isn’t essential but it can prevent food debris from becoming lodged in your teeth which can cause discomfort. It also gives your specialist a bit less work to do! Afterwards, you can eat and drink to your heart’s content – you just won’t want to as your teeth and mouth will be feeling exquisite.

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