Crowns & Bridges

 Bridging the gap

Unlike a denture which can be removed for cleaning, a crown or bridge is permanently cemented onto existing teeth to either entirely cover (cap) a damaged tooth, or bridge a gap where a tooth has been lost. In addition to providing strength to damaged teeth, a crown can be used to improve the shape and appearance of a tooth.


A crown can be used to replace teeth that have large fillings that otherwise could not be replaced as there is not enough sound tooth structure to do so, to cover fractured teeth, or when a root canal treatment has been completed. In all cases the crown will help strengthen the tooth and prevent fracture or breakage.


A bridge is a permanent solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The teeth either side of the gap will be prepared to allow room for the bridge to be fitted as anchors for the crown. The bridge will then be permanently cemented into place  to form a strong bond that allows you to chew comfortably on the crown and the adjacent teeth.


In both crown and bridge preparation it may take several visits to the dentist to complete your treatment. Your dentist can advise you on the different types of crowns and bridges available and the one that is most appropriate for your case.


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